Positrex))) advanced GPS monitoring solutions are here to track what moves your business.

With us you know not only where your things are but also what they are doing and how they are being treated. We bring the real Internet of Things so you can manage your business better.

Headquarters in the Czech Republic, products all over the world.


Positrex))) system interface

Overall view of all your things

(vehicles, trains, containers,...)

Positrex))) system shows you routes directly on the map and also records about speed over time.

Driving route, vehicle speed records

Positrex))) system shows you routes directly on the map and also records about speed over time.

Current wagons localization records

Positrex))) system informs you about up-to-date localization of all your engines and wagons in real time. You see their localization on a special map which shows also railways and stops apart from standard information like roads and cities.

Fuel level in the tank

Positrex))) system monitors current level of fuel thanks to GPS unit with a specific sensor. You can view history of expenses and fuel consumption.

Temperature records over time

If you are interested in checking temperature during transportation, Positrex))) system provides you with this information too. To see this feature, it is necessary to use a GPS unit with temperature recording function.

Atmospheric pressure records

In case of using a GPS unit with specific sensors, you can also monitor levels of atmospheric pressure values. Extreme deflection can be crucial to certain types of cargo.

Battery status

Positrex))) system checks the battery status constantly and indicates if it is needed to charge or change the battery for uninterrupted use.

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