Asset tracking & monitoring

 Positrex))) offers solutions to a wide range of requirements. We help you in many other areas. We develop complete and tailor made solutions to suit our customers' needs. You find tools for effective asset management and continuous asset monitoring. Positrex))) system enables easy and comfortable asset monitoring and tracking. Evaluate data you get thanks to our solutions.

Track & monitor anything you need. See for yourself.


Positrex))) brings an ideal solution for motorbikes tracking and security. The only thing you need to do is to place a unit on a hidden spot on your motorbike. You see current localization, record of travelled routes with positions in set interval. You get an immediate notification in case of motorbike fall. Our devices are powered with long-life batteries, which last up to 2 years and 60 000 km (according to the type and tracking intervals). Nevertheless their charging is very easy, you just put the unit on an inductive charging pad.

Asset monitoring & tracking - containers, trailers, construction machinery...

Have an overview of up-to-date localization of your containers, trailers, construction machinery or any other valuable assets. You see their detailed route on the map. Alarm notifies you in events like tilting or impact to your asset. Positrex))) creates summaries about places, times, travelled distances and treatment. According to the type, batteries can last up to 6 years and protect check your asset all the time.

Packages tracking & orders monitoring

Place a discreet unit easily in your order and see where your package is located wherever in the world it may be. You see which freight forwarder or customs office to contact in case of delays or other problems. Positrex))) notifies you about several factors like tilting or impacts to your order. You can check temperature and humidity records during transport. In case your order gets lost, you can track it for two years which increases your chances of reclaiming.

Personal tracking

Positrex))) products are for everybody. A unit can be placed in a schoolbag of your child or a pocket of an elderly person. In case of impact unit sends SOS signal. Monitoring of route, distance, speed and altitude profile is a standard. The unit is perfect also for sportspeople to track their activities. Battery usually lasts up to 2 weeks and charging is easy - only put the unit on an inductive pad.

System interface examples

Continuous speed recording

Positrex))) system informs you about the speed of tracked device over time. Did you lend your motorbike to someone and you want to know how fast he or she went?

Look at the screen of this mobile app and see the chart in Positrex))) system.

Temperature records over time

If you are interested in checking temperature during transportation, Positrex))) system provides you with this information too. To see this feature, it is necessary to use a GPS unit with temperature recording function.

Atmospheric pressure records

In case of using a GPS unit with specific sensors, you can also monitor levels of atmospheric pressure values. Extreme deflection can be crucial to certain types of cargo.

Battery status

Positrex))) system checks the battery status constantly and indicates if it is needed to charge or change the battery for uninterrupted use.

Hardware we use

Positrex TotalFinder

Unprecedented monitoring vitality

  • 6 years & 300.000km
  • No installation needed
  • G shock and tilt warning

Positrex CompactTracker

The best value for money monitoring & car security

  • Robust & Waterproof
  • G shock warning
  • Inductive charging


Positrex))) is a platform which associates many industries in a single system. The number of avalaible solutions is growing every week. We are developing Internet Of Things for you. We are developing the world of electronics which is for people and which helps people. We are developing the world which is safer, more comfortable and where people have more time for each other.

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