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Daily records of vehicle operation - a neverending nightmare of all businesspeople. No matter if you have a single vehicle or a whole fleet, we developed a system which provides you with a log book automatically. Other advantages offered by Positrex))) system are overview of all vehicles localization, overview of drivers behaviour or operating costs and the last but not least our system brings perfect anti-theft security.

Positrex))) helps every day

E-log book and overview

Positrex))) system generates a log book automatically, monitors current localization, speed, temperature and battery status. Units connected to diagnostics or vehicle data bus collects other possible information which is available in your vehicle. Thanks to notifications sent by Positrex))) directly on your mobile phone you have a perfect overview of your vehicles' status.

Anti-theft security

There is no better security measure than a well hidden monitoring unit. A thief doesn't even expect that a stolen vehicle is monitored immediately by you, security agency or the police. Positrex))) offers more advanced features such as distant engine shut-down, installing sensors to a vehicle cabin, tilt monitoring during towing and also monitoring vehicle shocks.

Drivers behaviour

All drivers have their specific habits. Somebody drives smoothly, somebody accelerates and brakes sharply, other speeds very often. Positrex))) monitors driving behaviour during the way, sends notifications in case of dangerous driving and also evaluates each driver at the end. Thanks to Positrex))) it is now in your hands to prevent injuries and damages.

Easy installation

Choose for yourself what suits you best. You can decide among three ways of installation. Either you just plug our device to your diagnostics connector, or you choose hidden installation with connection to on-board network, or completely independent device with its own battery which can be hidden wherever inside the vehicle. Positrex))) has a team of experts to help you with installation if necessary.

System interface examples

Overall view of your vehicles

Accurate information about localization of all your vehicles and their state in real time. At first sight you see if the vehicle is moving, alarm is signaling or any other case of emergency is taking place.

Driving route and vehicle speed records

Positrex))) system shows you routes directly on the map and also records about speed over time.

Hardware we use


Highest standard of car security

  • The best car security
  • Automatic arm - disarm
  • In-outs for sensors

Positrex OBD Tracker

To be on-line with your car

  • Plug & play
  • On-line car diagnostics
  • Driver behaviour evaluation

Very easy installation - plug in diagnostics connector. It reads several information from the vehicle unit.

More information


All vehicles will leave factories with built-in GPS monitoring in a few years. Positrex))) aims to be part of this trend.

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