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Positrex TotalFinder

A unique GPS unit with a battery with extremely long life. It is ideal for cargo wagons.

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TotalFinder Solar

Positrex TotalFinder Solar

Universal monitoring unit for-long term monitoring with a long lasting battery, solar charging and easy installation by strong magnet.

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Positrex AxleRing

This is the latest invention currently under patent protection. The unit is designed for cargo wagons.

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Positrex SecurityTracker

This unique GSM & GPS communication unit brings the highest standard of vehicle security. It is designed for a hidden installation in a vehicle.

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Positrex CompactTracker

A compact GPS unit for long-term motorbikes or orders monitoring.

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Positrex TotalTracker

A unit designed for long-term monitoring. It can be used especially for semi-trailers and trailers.

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CAN Tracker

Positrex CAN Tracker

A unit for professional personal or truck transportation monitoring with interface for connection to a vehicle data bus.

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GSM Alarm&HouseControl

Positrex GSM Alarm&HouseControl

Effective home security able to identify coming persons by contactless card, RFID key or entering code on a control display.

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