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Product description

Rail wagon axle unit for measuring the exact tachometer of the wagon, gps tracking and axle problem detection with rf identificaton and sensor reading.

This is the latest invention currently under patent protection. The unit for cargo wagons solves several crucial disadvantages of competitive solutions. It is not necessary to charge the unit because it generates the power from the moving wagon. Easy installation is one of advantages as the unit is formed by two crescent-shaped parts which are easily placed around axis of a wheelset. The unit counts wheel turns and shows accurate mileage calculation. These calculations are independent of GPS signal or any other railway systems. The unit identifies the axis and monitors its state over the lifetime. It checks bearings temperature, vibrations, wheel flatness, blocking and impacts. Thanks to energy sufficiency the unit can serve as the main vehicle communication means. It reads values of other wireless sensors on the wagon such as brakes system pressure, loading sensor pressure, opening - closing, temprature, humidity, … and sends these details to the operator. The unit can be equipped with Bluetooth for local communication with mobile devices up to 100 m.


Technical parameters of Positrex AxleRing GC097
GSM QuadBand 2G – 3G 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
850/900/1800/1900/2100 MHz
800 MHz
SIM Chip
Types of communication GPRS to Positrex VPN
GPRS internet connectivity Class 12
Static & dynamic IP VPN, UDP protocol
128bit security encryption key
FW upgrade
Configuration settings
On-line value reading
Report memory reading
GNSS GPS and Glonass 66 satellites
ANTENNAS GPS and Glonass Internal
INTERNAL SENSORS Number of revolution Exact odometer
Vibration pattern record Flattening wheel detection
G-shock detection Track quality detection
Incline Anti-theft Detection
Accelerometer Blocked wheel detection
RF SENSOR INTERFACE Temperature Bearings, breaks, load space
Humidity Load space humidity record
Accelerometer G-shock detection
Magnetometer Open/close valve or door, load
Air pressure Break circuit, tank fulness
INTERNAL MEMORY Flash 512 kB Capacity 5000 events or GPS positions
DIMENSIONS Plastic ring (inner diameter/outer
diameter x width)
⌀195 mm / ⌀284 mm x 100mm
Axle diameter for ⌀150 mm, ⌀175 mm, ⌀191 mm
-35°C up to +70°C
WEIGHT 450 g


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