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GSM Alarm&HouseControl

Product description

GSM Alarm&House Control is a compact alarm, monitoring and control unit for electronic devices with SMS, GSM / GPRS communication and the possibility to control by calling, SMS and mobile app mHOUSE CONTROL for Android.

The unit is programmed using a PC and software control panel via a USB connector. It has 8 analogue inputs (one internal which monitors the supply voltage), 3 outputs - open collector transistor (two outputs and two inputs are connected in parallel), one power relay (230 V / 5 A), one LED light on the panel controlling the programme, Dallas bus to connect readable access chips / cards, thermometers and A/D converters. 

Examples of use:

  • GSM detector - conveys information about changes of input state via SMS
  • GSM home alarm - alarm with GSM communicator
  • GSM remote control - such as opening gates by ringing
  • Access identification system - using the Dallas chips for registering attendance
  • Measurement and control of analogue values
  • The reading of consumption meters and status via SMS / GPRS
GSM Alarm&HouseControl
Power supply 10 to 24 Vss / 1A, power consumption < 30 mA at 12 V

850, 900, 1800, 1900 Mhz

SIM card Plug-in 1,8 V (only the newest type)

Antenna connector GSM - SMA
Communication Calling, SMS, CSD data, GPRS

Outgoing SMS alarm

SMS queries the status of digital and analogue inputs

SMS configuration change

SMS launch on operators behalf
CSD data
(modem connection)

Edit configuration

Reading measured values

Reading the event memory

Control of outputs

Upgrade firmware
GPRS connection

GPRS Class 10 support for static and dynamic IP and VPN

UDP protocol, security option - AES 128-bit

All functions such as CSD data
Memory report Flash 512 kB

8x analogue inputs

4x outputs

2x LED outputs

1x Dallas input

Input max. 30V DC (1 × internal voltage measurement)

Output current up to 0.5 A

The ability to control the configuration

Max. length of cable - 100 m
USB Mini USB for connecting to PC - configuration, upgrade firmware
Real time clock RTC Date and time battery back up
Protection class IP 20
Measurements 52 x 90 x 57 mm
Weight 150 g
Design Plastic - attachment at TS 35 DIN-rail
Working temp. range -25 to +65 °C
GC 055 001 Dual Band

5 x digital / analogue input*

2 x digital input / output*

1 x OC output

--- --- °
GC 055 011 Dual Band ° ° °
GC 055 111 Dual Band ° ° °

Accessories included
GC 055, GSM antenna 3dB SMA magnet 5m cable
Accessories which can be purchased

SA 012 830

Power adapter for DIN rail (10-14VDC / 1,25 A) 1.5 module width

CB 170 020

Mini USB cable

ED 060 500

Identification reader for Dallas chips

ED 060 550

Dallas identification chip

ED 060 100

Dallas temperature sensor (-40 to 130°C)


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