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This unit brings the highest standard of vehicle security. It is designed for a hidden installation in a vehicle with a possibility to various sensors connection such as tilting sensor, cabin motion sensor etc. The unit activates all sensors automatically if it doesn’t detect at least one wireless ID card within 5 meters around the vehicle.

Technical parameters of Positrex SecurityTracker GC076
GSM GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz | 1.8V SIM card
Communication Calling, SMS, GSM Data, GPRS
Call Free alarm ringing | Launch action by ringing (position inquiry, immobilization ...)
SMS SMS alarm, info, command, question, answer, setup, change configuration - up to 4 parameters in one SMS
GPRS Internet Class 10 | Support static and dynamic IP and VPN | UDP protocol | Transmission security Asymmetric encryption of 128 bits | firmware upgrade and configuration
GPS 50 channels | Module μ-blox 6, high-sensitivity | SMB antenna connector - f
6x input 4x output 1x internal piezo - acoustic signalling Input up to 30V DC Output current up to 0.2 A
Access cards Frequency 2.4 GHz, encrypted two-way transmission, range 10 m
Acceleration sensor G 3-axis acceleration sensor Recording of incidents | Motion indication | Rating driver quality
Power supply 12 to 24 V DC | Idle consumption < 15 mA at 12 V | Maximum power consumption 400 mA at 12V
Micro USB PC connection - configuration, upgrade LCD touch screen 7 “ or 4.3”. Messaging, WorkFlow, Navigation
Events memory 512kB Flash i.e. 8000 positions (20,000 positions when compressed)
Time synchronization Date and time synchronized with GPS
Dimensions 150 x 70 x 20 mm
Weight 120 g
Temperature range -30 ° C up to +85 ° C
Protection class IP 20

Accessories for Positrex SecurityTracker GC076
ED 076 618 Incline sensor
ED 076 611 Type - Microwave motion sensor
ED 060 601 Emergency alarm button with 2m cable
ED 060 606 Bonnet switch
ED 060 613 Crash sensor
ED 060 614 Immobilization relay
ED 076 002 Battery Backup 12 V


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