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Universal GPS unit for long-term monitoring with extreme battery life and with easy and secure installation by strong magnets.

For the monitoring and tracking of railway wagons, containers, machinery and construction equipment, trailers and caravans. Also suitable as an independent GPS unit for tracking and security of vehicles.


Technical parametres of Positrex TotalFinder GC092
GSM QuadBand 2G – 3G 850/900/1800/1900 MHz – 850/900/1800/1900/2100 MHz
SIM Micro Sim, Plug -in 1.8 V
Types of communication Calling , SMS, GSM Data, GPRS
Calls Alarm call
SMS Alarm & Info SMS, SMS commands, requests, SMS confi guration
GPRS internet connectivity Class 12/ static & dynamic IP VPN, UDP protocol / 128bit security encryption
key / FW upgrade, confi guration settings, on-line value reading, report
memory reading, control
GNSS GPS a Glonass 66 satellites
ANTENNAS GPS and GSM Internal or external antennas
BATTERIES Type and capacity

Lilon 15 600 mAh rechargeable, LiSoc 21 000 mAh non rechargeable

LiIon 11.200 mAh rechargeable,  LiIon 21.600 mAh rechargeable

CONSUMPTION Standby 0.2 mAh continuously
Sending of GPS position to server 0.6 mAh single shot
Self-discharge of battery 0.6 mAh continuously*
INPUTS USB Micro Charging / report memory reading / configuration/ FW upgrade ~ sealed optionally
SENSORS 3 dimensions G senzor Movement detection / tilt detection / vibration histogram / G-shock
Other sensors Temperature, humidity, air pressure
INTERNAL MEMORY Flash 512 kB Capacity 5000 events or positions
DIMENSIONS Plastic box 177 x 85 x 25 mm
TEMPERATURERANGE Lilon rechargeable batteries -25 °C up to +70 °C, charging 0 °C up to +70 °C
LiSoc non rechargeable batteries -35 °C up to +85 °C
WEIGHT With batteries 550 g

* GPS and GSM signals have no significant obstacles

GC 092 042 2G / 3G Rechargeable 15 600 mAh by USB Interní
GC 092 232 2G Rechargeable 15 600 mAh by USB Externí
GC 092 242 2G Rechargeable 15 600 mAh by USB Interní
GC 092 245 2G Non rechargeable 21 000 mAh Interní
GC 092 246 2G Rechargeable 21 600 mAh by USB Interní
GC 092 26A* 2G Rechargeable 11 200 mAh by induction Interní

*ATEX certification: EXII 2G Ex ib IIA T4 Gb

Accessories for Positrex TotalFinder GC092
MD 092 000 Robust metal holder for secure fixing (protected by patent)
MD 092 001 Special tool for releasing the unit from holder
SA 092 000 USB charger 2 A (including cable)


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