Monitoring Railway transportation

Engines and wagons fleet management is expensive and very complex work. That is why our development team created a solution to help you with this task. You have everything under control with Positrex))) system.

Positrex))) helps every day

Traffic and servicing log

You don't need more systems anymore. Positrex))) system records motion history and registers ongoing servicing costs. You can benefit from excellent records and overview of all wagons' operation efficiency. System notifies you in advance about the need to inspect your wagons according to the length of operation or mileage. The right timing of servicing saves milions in the end.

Early fault detection and damage prevention

Wagons failures may have fatal consequences. There are many events which can occur such as the bearing overheating, the axis being blocked or damaging the tracks by flat wheels. Thanks to early fault detection you can prevent possible accidents. You also see records of strong impacts with wagons.

Wagon values monitoring

Positrex))) system monitors a wide range of important values. You see information about loading status, braking system pressure, valves opening status, load temperature and humidity during transportation.

Anti-theft security

Not even railways are safe from thieves. Positrex))) offers a solution how to find a missing wagon easily. System also enables to identify a wheelset. In case of unauthorised manipulation with a wheelset or a unit, you will be notified. You will know where and when the manipulation took place and you can provide the police with all necessary details.

Robust device design

Robust design guarantees no damage to devices attached to wagons. Placement is chosen to hide the units in the chassis under the wagon. It minimizes the risk of the device being vandalized.

Easy and safe installation

Each wagon is different and sometimes it wasn't easy to find a convenient place for the device. Positrex))) solved this problem and offers a unique solution. Our unit is designed for safe and very easy installation. It is suitable for connection around the axis or attachment with a strong magnet.

System interface examples

Complete overview of your trains

You see immediate overview of all your trains localization in real time. It is a matter of a single click in Positrex))) system. The system lists the trains and shows their localization on railway map. You can use filters in the list and see individual trains according to you chosen criteria.

Current wagons localization records

Positrex))) system informs you about up-to-date localization of all your engines and wagons in real time. You see their localization on a special map which shows also railways and stops apart from standard information like roads and cities.

Hardware we use

Positrex AxleRing

Revolutionary solution for tracking railway vehicles

  • Energy harvestor
  • Turns counter
  • Axle sensors

Positrex TotalFinder

Unprecedented monitoring vitality

  • 6 years & 300.000km
  • No installation needed
  • G shock and tilt warning


Railway transportation is environmentally friendly, quiet and doesn't bother the surroundings. However it is still rather expensive and that's why customers don't often take it into consideration. Nowadays trend is to make all operational processes as efficient as possible so railway transportation could become faster, cheaper and thus more competitive.

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