Monitoring Truck transportation

A straight way to increase your profit and get ahead of competition is to know all details about vehicle use and efficiency of its handling. Positrex))) introduces a complete set of solutions for efficiency and cost elimination for truck transportation.

Positrex))) helps every day


See localization of all your vehicles thanks to online GPS tracking. Positrex))) system records motion history and creates a detailed log book indicating different states such as loaded/unloaded, open/close, business/personal vehicle use etc. Monitoring also enables checking various values as temperature, humidity, pressure and others. When connected to tachograph, system can also records driving times of your drivers according to EU Regulation 561/2006 or AETR.

Control over fuel consumption

Fuel consumption costs are an essential item and to get it under control is the key to profit. Monitor fuel consumption and compare it to desired levels. You can read all fuel cards and see results on your screen. If you have more specific requirements, system can show accurate fuel levels according to vehicle control unit or fuel in the tank.

Automatic data processing

Positrex))) system prepares materials for billing drivers journeys abroad, creates vehicle operation records. It generates lists of travelled lines. Check if your trucks deliver in time. Connect your fleet with portals for loads/space exchange. Positrex))) enables you to pay toll automatically. Thanks to connection to the server of the Ministry of the Interior you can also offer weapons and ammunition transport.

Order management

Instructions sent in advance directly to your driver help eliminate unnecessary mileage. Positrex))) system sends a list of orders from the freight agent directly to driver's mobile phone. After successful delivery the task is marked as completed and the system navigates your driver to another destination.

Drivers evaluation function

There is a lack of good drivers nowadays. Companies must often employ people without any experience. And their behaviour behind the wheel can sometimes cause damage. Positrex))) system gathers all possible data and provides records to compare your drivers behaviour and their vehicle handling.

Better service for your clients

Provide your customers with reports about temperature, humidity or overload during the transport. There is also posibillity to send your customers a link with current localization of their freight. They can check for themselves where is their consignment currently located.

System interface examples

Complete overview of your trucks, semi-trailers and trailers

Positrex))) system shows you list of all your trucks, semi-trailers and trailers and also their localization on the map. You can also filter specific information you need in these records.

Fuel level in the tank

Positrex))) system monitors current level of fuel thanks to GPS unit with a specific sensor. You can view history of expenses and fuel consumption.

Hardware we use

Positrex TotalTracker

Ultimate solution for Trailers and machinery

  • 2 years & 60.000km
  • G shock and tilt warning
  • Charging if power supply

Positrex CAN Tracker

Professional Vehicle Monitoring

  • Connection with car computer
  • Tachograph reader
  • Driver behaviour evaluation


Positrex))) offers a possibility to have a real overview of vehicles use. You will be in touch with your drivers in real time. You will see up-to-date localization and state of all your vehicles. Delivery delays will no longer be unpleasant surprises for you. You will also have an overview of maintenance of your vehicles.  

All freight forwarders have very similar starting conditions, i.e. similar vehicles, the same petrol and roads. But only those who can operate above standard will be profitable.

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