Horizon 2020, SME, Phase 1 (AxleRing)

Program Horizon 2020 | SME Instruments | Phase 1
Realisation June 2019 – November 2019
Co - funding 50.000 EUR

The aim of this project that belongs to the TRL 6 is to develop marketing and deployment process and organization to support the internationalization of AxleRing. The feasibility study is focused on the assessment of “go-to-market” options, an extension of the legal protection and business plan update. The AxleRing project aims at generating an annual turnover of 45 million EUR by the end of 2021. The project is a strategic initiative for growth and transformation of the company from an innovation-driven entity, to a market-oriented SME with a scale-up partnership-based business model. The aim of the Phase 1 project is so to check the feasibility of scaling-up the AxleRing concept for commercialization and bring this breakthrough innovation to European and North American markets, e.g. by the SMEI Phase 2 funding.


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